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Buh-bye! June 9, 2006

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Guess your allahu isn’t so damned akbar after all, Zarky!


I am so glad that the last thing he saw was a U.S. Military uniform. 


Memorial Day May 30, 2006

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I just wanted to share a little of my Memorial Day experience.

My son recently joined a local branch of the Civil Air Patrol, and  volunteered to march in the Memorial Day parade held in a very small town in the area.

We got there 2 hours early, and I was glad to see that people were already lining up.  Granted, the downtown is only 2 blocks long, but those 2 blocks were packed.  Everybody had their flags, with the little ones in strollers particularly enjoying them.

The local American Legion Post was represented, and the WWII veterans stood proudly and saluted as the flag passed, beginning the parade.  These men truly were "the greatest generation", and it saddens me that soon their memories and experiences will be lost to succeeding generations.  I am proud to say my Dad is a WWII vet, and is still healthy in mind and body at the age of 90.  Love you, Dad.

The Police and Fire Departments marched next, the Ambulance Corps, then the Civil Air Patrol, the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts.

Once everyone lined up, the opening prayer was recited, and "Taps" was played in memory of those who gave their lives defending our freedoms, and securing freedom for others around the world. 

"God Bless America" and "The Star-Spangled Banner" were sung by the crowd.  A few local politicians spoke, then a wreath was put at the memorial stone, and the closing prayer was said.

It was a beautiful ceremony, and I was just so proud to be American, I thought my heart would burst. 

Unfortunately, it seems that all we hear and see in the media are the negatives.  There were no T.V. cameras here, and no newspaper reporters. There were no protests, no issues with opening & closing prayers, "God Bless America" wasn't changed to "[Insert your diety of choice or choose none] sends good thoughts to America".  All we had in attendance were people who are proud of their country, and who wanted to say "Thank you" in a small way.

Thank you, to all those who serve in the military, and to those who have served.  Your sacrifices do not go unappreciated.

You want us to do what???? May 24, 2006

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From Different River:

Dismantle the Military!

— Different River @ 5:03 pm

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors is considering banning Junior ROTC from San Francisco high schools because they think the military is “discriminatory.” And oh, yes, for one other reason as well:

Supporters such as [sophmore student Timothy] Twyman say the program helps students develop self-confidence and prepare for the working world, while opponents counter that it’s just an easy way for the military to get a foothold in public schools and encourage teens to enlist after they graduate.


And one Supervisor has an even more, um, interesting reason for wanted to get rid of JROTC:

In February, Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval appeared on Fox’s “Hannity and Colmes” show and said, “The United States should not have a military. All in all, we would be in much, much, much better shape.”

Really??? We'd be in much better shape, Supervisor Sandoval? Why don't you extract your head from your a&& and face reality:

THIS IS WHAT WE'RE FIGHTING AGAINST.  People (and I use that term loosely, here) who dress their kids as suicide bombers for entertainment.  And you want us to dismantle the military?  Why?  Do you think the whole world will suddenly become a peaceful and loving place once the big, bad U.S. of A is disarmed?  That we'll all get together like the old Coke commercials, and "teach the world to sing?"

Tell you what – why don't you go over there and whine about disarming, ok? 'Cause I think we'd be in much, much better shape without you.

H/T to Knowledge is Power for the video

Heart-breaking to listen to. April 15, 2006

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This is heart-breaking.  The last few minutes of Kevin Cosgrove’s life, recorded while talking to a 911 operator on the morning of September 11, 2001.

It’s brutal, especially because we know what was going to happen in just a few minutes.  But it’s important that we NEVER forget what happened that day, and NEVER give in to those who orchestrated it, and those who celebrate it.

Goddess bless you, Kevin, and all those who lost their lives and loved ones that day.

[Please note: there are ads on that website which are not work-safe, but they’re only text ads, no pics.  Sorry, but this is the only link I have.]

H/T to Patrick at Clarity and Resolve

Something to keep an eye on… March 2, 2006

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Funny, isn’t it, how the story of Saddam’s taped conversations that ABC got hold of has simply … disappeared.

Fortunately, Jim at @Large is on top of things: (Thanks to Kobayashi Maru)

ABC Spikes General Sada

I’ve attended a remarkable weekend retreat, helping to host some great Christian leaders, including Dr. Terry Law, author Stephen Mansfield (The Faith of George W. Bush, The Faith of the American Soldier), and General Georges Sada (Saddam’s Secrets).


General Sada was interviewed by Terry Law (Sada’s preferred format), and together they told how last week ABC news spiked their interview and the story confirming Saddam’s taped conversations about WMDs and how they could kill 100,000 Americans with nerve gas. Sada was supposed to appear on World News Tonight and Nightline, but ABC clearly does not want President Bush to be proven right about weapons of mass destruction. Still, there’s a plan to get the information to other networks, so be on the lookout for it. [Emphasis mine-RW]

The Softer Side of General Sada

One little scoop to go: Watch the news over the next few months for more on the “Saddam tapes” that ABC so lightly covered two weeks back. Both ABC and CNN have in fact spiked the truth, that Saddam spoke with Tariq Aziz at length about the use of chemical weapons against the USA, and referred to both the French and Germans as willing partners in covering up his past shenanigans. Now it’s time for both networks to either come clean or be exposed.
I think a good blogswarm would help, so here’s a call to Kobayashi Maru, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Hootsbuddy’s Place, GrannyTiger’s Reality Check, and others: (1) Start poking around about those Saddam tapes; (2) ask ABC why they spiked General Sada’s interview regarding the tapes; (3) ask CNN why they didn’t treat them seriously when UN weapons inspectors gave them to them a couple of years back. That should get you started. Oh, and one more thing: The General will not be the only one talking about the tapes. [Emphasis mine-RW]

I have no doubt that Saddam would have used biological/chemical/nuclear weapons against us.  So all that “Bush lied about WMDs” crap the MSM and their friendly neighborhood moonbats want you to believe?  Yeah. Right.

Go on over to Jim’s blog and read the whole thing.  Then get a copy of Saddam’s Secrets.

Another sign of hope… February 27, 2006

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From Clarity and Resolve:

Glimmer of Reason in UK Public Discourse on Islamosupremacy

Speaking during a television interview, Sir Trevor Phillips, the chairman of Britain’s Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) underscores the wisdom of pluralism and the folly of multiculturalism: Muslims ‘must accept’ free speech

Muslims must accept that freedom of speech is central to Britishness and should be preserved even if it offends people, says Sir Trevor Phillips.

The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) said we should “allow people to offend each other”.

And he suggested that Muslims who wanted a system of Islamic Shariah law should leave the UK.

Read the whole thing. 

Do you see a pattern here?  First, the Italian Justice Minister, then the Australian Treasurer, and the Australian Prime Minister backs him up.  I think Western civilization may be finally waking up to the threat.  Maybe this will encourage other sitzpinklers to finally stand up!

Hope so.

Kofi Annan: Denmark “Not Yet Sure How to Adjust” February 26, 2006

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From Little Green Footballs:


The offensive caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad were first published in a European country which has recently acquired a significant Muslim population, and is not yet sure how to adjust to it. [Recently acquired, Kofi?  What – did they go to Muslims ‘R Us and pick up a whole shopping cart full?  And adjust to it??? Um, no, the “new arrivals” need to adjust.]

And some of the strongest reactions – perhaps especially the more violent ones – have been seen in Muslim countries where many people feel themselves the victims of excessive Western influence or interference.

Whether or not those who published the caricatures were deliberately seeking to provoke, there is no doubt that some of the violent reactions have encouraged extremist groups within European societies, whose agenda is to demonize Muslim immigrants, or even expel them. [Hang on – “demonize” Muslim immigrants?  Do you mean Muslims who peacefully demonstrate?  Or  Muslims raping young girls as a “rite of passage“? Or Muslims killing? Be specific here, Kofi.]

Similarly, the republication of the cartoons, and the support for them voiced by some leaders in Europe, have strengthened those in the Muslim world who see Europe, or the West as a whole, as irredeemably hostile to Islam, and encourage Muslims always to see themselves as victims. [Here’s a hint for ya, Kofi – the West is hostile to Islam, because Islam is  hostile to everybody else.}

So misperception feeds extremism, and extremism appears to validate misperception. That is the vicious circle we have to break. That, as I see it, is the purpose of the Alliance. [Whoa!  A UN group that has a purpose!  Good going.  Except you need to take out the “appears” there – and the mis-.  As in “extremism validates the perception.”

It is important that we all realize that the problem is not with the faith but with a small group of the faithful – the extremists who tend to abuse and misinterpret the faith to support their cause, whether they derive it from the Koran, the Torah or the Gospel. [Now, Kofi, I’ll grant you, there are extremists like Fred Phelps (I won’t link to his page, but here’s some info) who are disgusting examples of “religion gone wild”, but how about comparing numbers and methods?  How many Phelps and his ilk compared to how many Islamic extremists? How many people has Fred blown up?]

The sad truth is that these narratives, however deceptive, can be very compelling. Incidents like a caricature of the Prophet, or a death threat to the artist who drew it, make far more impact on the popular imagination than pious statements issued by foreign ministers and secretaries-general. [Hmmm, drawing or death threat? Drawing, death threat.  Yeah, they’re the same to me, too.  Right.]

Don’t even get me started on the title of this thing – THE HIGH-LEVEL GROUP FOR THE ALLIANCE OF CIVILIZATIONS?  Can’t you just see them dressed like Ralph and Norton, wearing their raccoon hats?  Maybe Kofi & crew have secret handshakes and secret decoder rings, too.

Um, Kofi, I don’t know how to break the news to you, so I’ll just tell ya straight out – we’ve got  Islam vs. ONE civilization (which is everybody else).  That’s the way it is, and will be until the whole world is living under Shari’a.

Think I’m kidding?  Read this.


The Official Apology February 25, 2006

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Hat-tip to Clarity and Resolve: http://www.danishmuhammedcartoons.com/Apology.html

The Official Apology

From Denmark to the Muslim World,simply called “We´re Sorry!”

  We´re sorry we gave you shelter when war drove you from your home country….
We´re sorry we took you in when others rejected you…..
We´re sorry we gave you the opportunity to get a good education…..
We´re sorry we gave you food and a home when you had none…..
We´re sorry we let you re-unite with your family when your homeland was no longer safe…
We´re sorry we never forced you to work while WE paid all your bills…..
We´re sorry we gave you almost FREE rent,phone,internet,car and school for your 10 kids…
We´re sorry we build you Mosques so you could worship your religion in our Christian land…
We´re sorry we never forced you to learn our language after staying 30 years!….
And so….from all Danes to the entire Muslim world,we just wanna say;


Italian Justice Minister Roberto Castelli understands February 24, 2006

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From Clarity and Resolve:

I wonder if Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi will also ask his Justice minister to step down for offending Islamosupremacist sensibilities.

(AGI) – Rome, Feb. 23 – “I am convinced that today Islamic extremist terrorism is a threat to our civilization on a par with that of Nazism”. These were the words of Justice minister Roberto Castelli on ‘Radio anch’io’.

“The matter is that of understanding”, Castelli said, “what road to take: that of the surrender, or even of complicity as the left has chosen, or the path of claiming our values, the right to our freedom”. For the Justice minister, “it is clear that the defence of values brings with it sacrifices”. Of course, there is the need for “caution and responsibility”, but “we are dealing with the clarification inside the CDL of where caution and responsibility become surrender”.

Castelli stressed that the problem to be faced isn’t only of a political nature, but also of a historical one, and compared the current situation with that of Europe at the end of the nineteen thirties, “when it was a case of dealing with the extremely serious threat of Nazism”.

The Islamic threat to Europe is indeed on a par with Nazism, and is actually more severe due to its insidiousness and its alliance with the leftocratic bloc so prevalent in European states.

The Justice Minister is correct – it is a matter of understanding.  Not as the left would whine, “But we have to understand the cultural differences and not offend …”.  No, this is understanding, as he said, what road to take – Surrender or Freedom.  That’s what this boils down to at its core. 

Very simple choice.

Australia’s Treasurer Peter Costello gets it too. 

Stand Up For Denmark February 24, 2006

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From Christopher Hitchens at Slate.com:

Please be outside the Embassy of Denmark, 3200 Whitehaven Street (off Massachusetts Avenue) between noon and 1 p.m. this Friday, Feb. 24. Quietness and calm are the necessities, plus cheerful conversation. Danish flags are good, or posters reading “Stand By Denmark” and any variation on this theme (such as “Buy Carlsberg/ Havarti/ Lego”) The response has been astonishing and I know that the Danes are appreciative. But they are an embassy and thus do not of course endorse or comment on any demonstration. Let us hope, however, to set a precedent for other cities and countries. Please pass on this message to friends and colleagues.

If you can’t be there, please offer your support by contacting:

Embassy of Denmark
3200 Whitehaven St., N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20008
Tel: +1 (202) 234-4300
Fax: +1 (202) 328-1470 

Email: wasamb@um.dk

Now, do you think you’ll read about this in your newspapers, or see it on the news?  Nope.  I can guarantee that the people who show up won’t be shouting for the deaths of those who want to kill the cartoonists, or burning down buildings, so it’ll be ignored.

Go on over to Freedom’s Zone for a look at blogs discussing free-speech issues from around the world.   Support Denmark!

For some excellent cartoons, Attackcartoons.com and U.S. Cartoonists Fight Back are must-sees.  Here’s a sample:

My new favorite sentence?  From Ed at The Captain’s Quarters:

“The American media consists of sitzpinklers who cannot summon the sammenhold to publish the Prophet cartoons in defense of the free speech they espouse.”