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Another sign of hope… February 27, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Politicians who "get it", Why we fight.

From Clarity and Resolve:

Glimmer of Reason in UK Public Discourse on Islamosupremacy

Speaking during a television interview, Sir Trevor Phillips, the chairman of Britain’s Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) underscores the wisdom of pluralism and the folly of multiculturalism: Muslims ‘must accept’ free speech

Muslims must accept that freedom of speech is central to Britishness and should be preserved even if it offends people, says Sir Trevor Phillips.

The chairman of the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) said we should “allow people to offend each other”.

And he suggested that Muslims who wanted a system of Islamic Shariah law should leave the UK.

Read the whole thing. 

Do you see a pattern here?  First, the Italian Justice Minister, then the Australian Treasurer, and the Australian Prime Minister backs him up.  I think Western civilization may be finally waking up to the threat.  Maybe this will encourage other sitzpinklers to finally stand up!

Hope so.


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