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Something to keep an eye on… March 2, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in The Unhinged Media, Why we fight.

Funny, isn’t it, how the story of Saddam’s taped conversations that ABC got hold of has simply … disappeared.

Fortunately, Jim at @Large is on top of things: (Thanks to Kobayashi Maru)

ABC Spikes General Sada

I’ve attended a remarkable weekend retreat, helping to host some great Christian leaders, including Dr. Terry Law, author Stephen Mansfield (The Faith of George W. Bush, The Faith of the American Soldier), and General Georges Sada (Saddam’s Secrets).


General Sada was interviewed by Terry Law (Sada’s preferred format), and together they told how last week ABC news spiked their interview and the story confirming Saddam’s taped conversations about WMDs and how they could kill 100,000 Americans with nerve gas. Sada was supposed to appear on World News Tonight and Nightline, but ABC clearly does not want President Bush to be proven right about weapons of mass destruction. Still, there’s a plan to get the information to other networks, so be on the lookout for it. [Emphasis mine-RW]

The Softer Side of General Sada

One little scoop to go: Watch the news over the next few months for more on the “Saddam tapes” that ABC so lightly covered two weeks back. Both ABC and CNN have in fact spiked the truth, that Saddam spoke with Tariq Aziz at length about the use of chemical weapons against the USA, and referred to both the French and Germans as willing partners in covering up his past shenanigans. Now it’s time for both networks to either come clean or be exposed.
I think a good blogswarm would help, so here’s a call to Kobayashi Maru, Michelle Malkin, Hugh Hewitt, Hootsbuddy’s Place, GrannyTiger’s Reality Check, and others: (1) Start poking around about those Saddam tapes; (2) ask ABC why they spiked General Sada’s interview regarding the tapes; (3) ask CNN why they didn’t treat them seriously when UN weapons inspectors gave them to them a couple of years back. That should get you started. Oh, and one more thing: The General will not be the only one talking about the tapes. [Emphasis mine-RW]

I have no doubt that Saddam would have used biological/chemical/nuclear weapons against us.  So all that “Bush lied about WMDs” crap the MSM and their friendly neighborhood moonbats want you to believe?  Yeah. Right.

Go on over to Jim’s blog and read the whole thing.  Then get a copy of Saddam’s Secrets.


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