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I guess the irony is lost on them… June 13, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in The just plain stupid.

NJ assemblywomen call for boycott of new Coulter book

6/8/2006, 1:54 p.m. ET
The Associated Press   

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — Commentator Ann Coulter's incendiary words about outspoken 9/11 widows have led two state lawmakers to calls for a boycott of her book in the widows' home state of New Jersey.

Assemblywomen Joan M. Quigley, D-Hudson, and Linda Stender, D-Union, on Thursday called on New Jerseyans to stop buying the book, "Godless: The Church of Liberalism," and for retailers in the state to stop selling it.

"Coulter's vicious characterizations and remarks are motivated by greed and her desire to sell books. By making these claims, she proved herself worse than those she is attempting to vilify — she is a leach trying to turn a profit off perverting the suffering of others," the two assemblywomen said in a statement.

Ignoring for a moment that the press release has a glaring misspelling, these two dimwits HAVE JUST PROVEN THE POINT ANN WAS MAKING IN HER BOOK.

The "Jersey Girls", the 4 widows she's talking about (NOTE: not ALL the 9/11 widows, just the famewhores), have put themselves out there in the public arena, and, as such, should be treated as anyone else in the public eye.

But as soon as any criticism is leveled at them, they hide behind their "victimhood shield" – they make whatever ridiculous statements they (and their publicists) concoct, then put up the shield and they're protected.

Now, members of the "Bush-is-hitler!They're-eavesdropping-on-our-phonecalls!Our-rights-are-being-trampled!Whatever-happened-to-free-speech!" party are calling for BANNING A BOOK.  Got that?  I'll say it again: They're calling for BANNING. A. BOOK.

What morons.

v.- leached, leach·ing, leach·es
v. tr.-To remove soluble or other constituents from by the action of a percolating liquid.
To empty; drain: “a world leached of pleasure, voided of meaning” (Marilynne Robinson).

v. intr.-To be dissolved or passed out by a percolating liquid.

n.The act or process of leaching.
A porous, perforated, or sievelike vessel that holds material to be leached.
The substance through which a liquid is leached.

n.Any of various chiefly aquatic bloodsucking or carnivorous annelid worms of the class Hirudinea, of which one species (Hirudo medicinalis) was formerly used by physicians to bleed patients and is now sometimes used as a temporary aid to circulation during surgical reattachment of a body part.
One that preys on or clings to another; a parasite.
Archaic. A physician.

v. leeched, leech·ing, leech·es
v. tr.
To bleed with leeches.
To drain the essence or exhaust the resources of.

v. intr.
To attach oneself to another in the manner of a leech.

For an excellent analysis, go read Big Lizards.



1. Jillian - October 17, 2008

This is hilarious….nice work. And this is the same party that complains of Sarah Palin banning books, which she didn’t even do!

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