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Back from Austin… April 15, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Guard the Borders.

Spent the last week in Austin, Texas, where my husband attended a business meeting.  Wandered around on Monday, not realizing that it was the "big" protest day for illegal aliens.

Walking from the UT campus to the Texas State History Museum, we noticed the NBC News truck, as well as the Fox7 truck parked in front of the Capitol and a helicopter flying overhead.  At that point, we realized that they were waiting for the protests to start – the news media were the only people there.

While we were riding the local trolley a litle while later, traffic was stopped by police to allow protesters to march by.  At this point, there couldn't have been more than about 100. 

Later that afternoon, we decided to take a stroll on Congress, toward the Capitol building (there's not much else to do in Austin after a few days, unless you drink heavily, play "count the crazies", or want a new tattoo each day, but that's another story), and realized that there were quite a few Spanish-speaking people heading in the same direction. 

When we arrived at the Capitol building, the protest was in full swing.  There were a bunch of American students leading the chants, and a group of Hispanics joining in.  Many of the Hispanics attending the rally were wearing T-shirts from a local radio station, and most seemed to just be there with their families standing around holding signs and flags.  It was mostly the American students with flyers going through the crowd, chanting and encouraging others to join in.

We stayed for a while, until a hippie wannabe young man tried to hand me a flyer about an upcoming protest supporting the Sheehag.  He didn't seem interested in hearing my opinion of her, so he went off to find more moonbats mindless sheep others of a like-mind. The protesters were then to march back down Congress. 

At that point, we estimated there were about 1,000 people there, and maybe (a very big stretch) another thousand still on the street.  No way did 10,000 attend, although The Austin American-Statesman claims that number.  Maybe they counted the media in that number, who were there all day waiting for the big story.  Guess they had to justify spending all that time standing around.


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