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Well, I’m sure she has something  planned… March 2, 2006

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…and you just know it isn’t gonna be pretty…

From MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy:

Cindy Sheehan Wants The Troops To Die, Just Won’t Be Protesting

In the frenzy and excitement of my trip to France and Germany, some well meaning pacifists in the area have scheduled me to set up a Camp Casey outside of Landsthul, Germany, in front of the military hospital. I won’t agree to do that.

The Camp Casey movement is pro-peace and pro-soldier. We love our troops so much that we want them to come home alive from the fiasco in the Middle East.

Camp Caseys have been set up all over the USA and the world and they are set up in front of the seats of power. The politicians and the war machine got us into this war, our soldiers are trying to protect each other and do the best that they can do under horrifically difficult circumstances.

The Camp Casey in Germany could be moved to a place where people with decision making power can see it. The soldiers have very little to say in their fates after they enlist (which is an entirely different subject) but especially the ones who have already been wounded in the service of their country…no matter how evil and greed-serving the phony mission is.

Let’s see now, Cindy – Evil?  Greed serving?  Phony?  Awww, you’ve been looking in the mirror again, haven’t you?


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