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U.S. ports and the UAE February 22, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Political Stuff.

These last few days, I’ve been trying to find out everything I can (yeah, me and millions of others) about the situation with the 6 U.S. ports coming under the control of a company out of the UAE.

I can’t believe that the President would support this so strongly if it posed a danger to us.  Say what you will, he has a deep love for this country, and he has shown it time and again. 

I should have known, had I waited for The Anchoress to weigh in, I could have saved myself a few many hours of typing and re-typing, trying to explain why we should wait and see what he has in mind.  Actually, it’s Buster who explains it so eloquently, but with The Anchoress as his mom, what else could we expect?

A snippet:

…I thought it was an interesting take on it, and told him so. “I look at it this way,” Buster said. “He’s gotta have a reason for backing this, and I can’t for a second believe that his reasonings are for anything but America’s good. The problem is, as usual, he absolutely STINKS at making things clear. People are screaming that they don’t understand what he’s doing…all he’s doing is being consistant. People used to love him for that. Also, I think he’s showing off who the racists are. Do you realize, that this is ONE MORE THING Bush has done that – really – the left should be approving of? Just like liberating women in Afghanistan, just like closing down the rape rooms in Iraq, this is one more thing the left would approve of if only someone else were president, because it precludes the racist element. But of course, they’ll hate him for it, too.”

Go read the rest…financial-times-on-the-dubai-question


1. the anchoress - February 22, 2006

Thank you for the nice words about Buster. I have to say I’m sort of proud of him that he had the head to think this way. What our kids teach us! 🙂

2. RepublicanWitch » Blog Archive » About the ports deal… - February 27, 2006

[…] I still can’t help but think that there’s alot more to President Bush’s support of the deal with the UAE to take over the British P&O Steam Navigation Company.  As I said recently, I can’t see him supporting this if it were a security problem. […]

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