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Watching “Nightline” right now… February 16, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in The Unhinged Media, Why we fight.

OK, so how long before the moonbats declare that:

  1. the tapes are fake – that’s actually Vice President Cheney and President Bush doing the voices.  And KARL ROVE! He’s behind the whole thing! HALLIBURTON!
  2.  the tapes were released today to take the focus off Cheney’s failed murder attempt. (Unlike Ted Kennedy’s successful one, which never had the amount of media attention this hunting accident has had.)
  3.  the tapes actually refer to medicines, and food and…blankets and…uh, baby milk.  Yeah, that’s it!

Just a quick couple of comments – have to rewatch, but:

Sheesh – could they have given this story a shorter amount of time?  To me, this is important, but I guess it isn’t as important if the left will find out they’ve been wrong about this, too.

And the final chatter between Brian Ross and the other guy? (Sorry, I don’t watch Nightline, or ABC News for that matter).  This will support the argument on both sides?  I don’t know about that, it seemed pretty clear to me that biological, chemical and nuclear weapons were all on the front burner.

When the translator talks about the terror strikes that Saddam says are coming to the U.S., and that they wouldn’t come from Iraq, was it necessary for Brian Ross to say in his voiceover, “…Iraq would never do such a thing.”?  I didn’t get that from the translation.


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