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Still wondering which side the press is on? February 15, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in The Unhinged Media.

Via Michelle Malkin:

“Watching the news in my hotel room before my speech, I just saw CNN air a few of the new, highly inflammatory Abu Ghraib photos now making the rounds.

No pixelation of the nude prisoners in the photos. No disclaimers about paying respect to members of the US military who will be endangered by publication of the pics. The Washington Post used the opportunity to republish Abu Ghraib photos and video it obtained in April 2004.”

So, let’s see…CNN wouldn’t show the Mohammed cartoons out of “sensitivity” to Muslims, but they’ll show old pictures which serve no purpose but to slam the U.S. Military once again.

Want to see some other Abu Ghraib pics?  Go to Blackfive.  ‘Cause you won’t be seeing these on the news.



1. RightWinged.com - February 16, 2006

What Purpose Do “New” Abu Graib Photos Serve? Why Not Mohammad Toons? Or 9/11 Jumpers?

I didn’t really want to post on the new Abu Ghraib photos because they’re nothing but propoganda for terrorists and we all know that already. But I see many other bloggers all had the same thought as I did, immediately…

2. reverse_vampyr - February 16, 2006


Think about how American media is going out of its way to act all “sensitive” to Islam, either refusing to show the cartoons or blurring them out to avoid offending anyone. Yet they’re all too eager to get back on the Abu Ghraib scandal train again….

3. billg - February 16, 2006

Apparently Republicans think it is bad for the media to censor itself in the one instance, but good if they do it to support Bush. (This has nothing to do with the military. They’re following orders, and we all know who could order them to do something different.)

Consistency can be such a problem.

4. republicanwitch - February 17, 2006

No, billg, the problem I have is digging up old photos and presenting them as news – it was investigated, those responsible were punished. It’s time to move on. Oh, wait – you guys still haven’t gotten over losing the election. Never mind.

5. RightWinged.com - February 17, 2006

Why Abu Ghraib Photos But Not Mohammad Cartoons? Cox & Forkum Toon Says It All

Cox & Forkum has a great cartoon today that spells out exactly what many bloggers (myself included) Posted about the other day. Read my post here if you some how missed the story. Basically though, the media were too afraid…

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