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I can’t believe this… February 9, 2006

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Madness.

Yeah, this sends the Muslim world a message, all right …

Via Yahoo News:  EU mulls media code after cartoon protests

In an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph, EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said the charter would encourage the media to show “prudence” when covering religion.

“The press will give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression,” he told the newspaper. “We can and we are ready to self-regulate that right.”

We’re aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression?  And we’ll self regulate that right?

How about “We’re afraid of you and we’ll do everything we can to make you feel better.  Just don’t hurt us”.  That’s the message you’re sending, buddy.  Sniveling, scared, cowering-in-the-corner European Union – you’ll be called the Islamic Union if you don’t grow a pair pretty soon.



1. Jillosophy - February 9, 2006

I thought I was the only Republican Witch! Nice to “meet” you!!

I completely concur with your assessment. Following this path that the EU and other cowtowing, spineless wimps are paving is only going to get the Islamofascists what they want. I feel betrayed by my fellow infidel “freedom lovers”. As a female I would never back down when up against these Islamofanatics. If I were to live as they would have me live, my life would not be worth living. I’ll die first before I ever show them any respect.

2. republicanwitch - February 9, 2006

No, we’re out here, but just very, very quiet … Unfortunately the liberal-crazy pagans are the ones that make the most noise (kinda like the democrats and their buddies in the MSM!)

Just stop by witchvox & drop a conservative comment sometime … the shrieking that results would put both cindy banshee and the hildabeast to shame! LOL

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