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Do they really believe this crap? November 22, 2004

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Uncategorized.

Thanks to Blogs of War for this peek into utter insanity.

I was having a discussion recently with a very left-wing on-line acquaintance recently, and we went back and forth on the whole “the election was a fraud & the truth will come out soon” stuff. I really thought that this would die down oh, say a week after the election was over. But there are some really, really, sick people out there who absolutely refuse to accept the results of the election, who believe that Bush & Co. rigged thousands and thousands of voting machines. And, did it so well, that almost a month after the election, they’re still looking for proof.

But now, their tin-foil hats must be leaking, because they’ve come up with the most asinine theories I’ve ever heard with regard to this plane crash. (I say “most asinine theories I’ve ever heard”, but I’m sure tomorrow they’ll come up with something even more ridiculous & therefore make this one seem normal by comparison).


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