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Yup, socialized medicine is what I’d want.. November 18, 2004

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Uncategorized.

Because of an abcessed tooth, he had an emergency tracheotomy and was on life-support for two days. This is the system the left thinks is so great, we should have it here.

There’s an “investigation” (translation: witch-hunt) into the shooting of a “wounded insurgent” (translation: terrorist who was pretending to be dead so he could live to kill Marines another day). The MSM wants us to be appalled and outraged that a Marine would do this. I’d be appalled if the Marine hadn’t done it – the lives of everyone in that room were on the line & he did what had to be done to secure their safety.
Of course, the lunatic fringe (the MSM) is pissing & moaning about this, but I don’t see them reporting stuff like this: Religion of peace, my ass. Why? Because stuff like this makes the Islamists look bad, and we wouldn’t want to give the impression that they’re evil or anything.

Blackfive has an excellent exit strategy in mind…


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