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Can pagans read? November 18, 2004

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Uncategorized.

I know I shouldn’t do this because I get so mad I could spit, but I still go to Witchvox every once in a while. Articles like this one “EPA Will Use Poor Kids As Guinea Pigs In New Study On Pesticides” come from the Chicken-Little school of journalism. Then I read the comments, and it just makes me sick.

The article itself is inaccurate, but very few posters actually go to the EPA website to check the facts. Instead, they accept what the article says as fact, then proceed to work themselves into a fine frenzy.

These are the same people who swallow hook, line and sinker every word that Michael Moore and his cronies in the MSM spew forth. And that’s what they count on – just report anything at all, and there will be lots of people who are willing to believe it.


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