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Arrogant Asshat of the Week award goes to: November 10, 2004

Posted by RepublicanWitch in Uncategorized.

I can’t believe the arrogance of some people.

Why is it that you can’t just accept the fact that your guy lost the election? Newsflash! This happens every four years people! One person wins, the other loses. I know it’s against every liberal ideal, but yes, there has to be a loser. There’s no award for trying hard, no promotion given so your feelings won’t be hurt. YOU LOST. Get over it. Attributing the loss to “isolated and uninformed rural voters”? Check the county-by-county map of the election results – every state, even the blue ones, had lots of votes for President Bush.

“I, for one, found that I simply could not live in Rochester, Minn., where I was before I moved to New York City in 1980. I could not find enough people there I could bear to talk to.”

I’m sure your former neighbors in Minnesota are much happier now.

“Those of us who fled those more rural areas for our own intellectual comfort also deprived our rural countrymen and women of hearing our discordant opinions. “

Deprived? I’m sure they’re thrilled you’re gone.



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